Who We Are


AIVuk comprises a nationwide group of independent experts, including current and former Court of Protection Visitors, who have formed an alliance in upholding the principles of the Mental Capacity Act and safeguarding best interests. AIVuk members work with solicitors, with professional Attorneys and Deputies, and with private clients and their families.

AIVuk members are selected by the association for their skills and experience. Members can provide high quality independent mental capacity assessments, including COP3 assessments of capacity for Deputyship applications to the Court of Protection, assessments of Testamentary Capacity to create Wills, and assessments of capacity for Lasting Powers of Attorney, acting as Certificate Provider. They can serve Notice of Court proceedings, and for professional Deputies and Attorneys they can provide a visits service to a set, but adaptable, format, geared to providing the information needed when accounting annually to the Office of the Public Guardian. Learn more About Us and the Services we offer.

Seeking New Members

The association aims to cover England and Wales. We have a point of Contact for every post code and endeavour to offer a service in all areas.

Due to recent changes AIVuk is seeking new members to cover the following areas:

  • South Wales

If you have extensive experience of conducting mental capacity assessments and the knowledge and skills required to deliver the broad range of services offered by AIVuk and wish to be considered for AIVuk membership, please Email Your CV indicating which of the above areas you could cover and explaining why you might like to join AIVuk.