Mental Capacity Act 2005

AIVuk members are experienced in assessing capacity for both decisions relating to health and welfare and property and affairs. We work with private individuals, the legal profession and statutory bodies. Our assessments are frequently needed as part of legal proceedings in the Court of Protection.

We are fully conversant with the Mental Capacity Act and its empowering, protective ethos.

We also apply other relevant legislation including Banks and Goodfellow, Beany, Masterman-Lister v Brutton & Co and case law from the Court of Protection.

We have regular training and operate our own practice forum.

We are very mindful of the need to do everything possible to ensure each capacity assessment is as sensitive and supportive as possible for the person concerned. We are skilled at putting people at ease. Our assessments are undertaken in partnership with the person and we aim to promote their capacity to the optimum.

We pride ourselves on adapting our assessment to the communication needs of the person we are assessing.

We offer face-to-face assessments and also remote assessments depending on the needs of the person we are assessing.

Please contact the member for your area if you need further information.