The Services an AIVuk Member Can Provide To Private Clients

Family Member
Lasting Powers of Attorney:
AIVuk members can draw up Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs and for Health and Welfare.  They can guide private clients through the process with empathy and understanding and offer ongoing contact through the process of Registration.  They will also provide support after Registration, including liaison with banks, etc. in the implementation of the LPA.
Court of Protection Deputyship Applications:
AIVuk members can draw up and complete applications for Deputyship in the Court of Protection.  They offer information on the best way to do this and support throughout, and after, the process of granting an Order.
Independent Advocacy:
AIVuk members will liaise with Childrens and Adults Services on behalf of clients to ensure that they obtain their rights to assessment and support under health and social welfare legislation, such as the Mental Capacity Act and the Care Act 2014.
Local Authority Funding for Care:
AIVuk members can give information and support clients with making applications for local authority funding.
NHS Continuing Health Care Funding:
AIVuk members can give information on the best ways to determine eligibility and make a claim for NHS Continuing Health Care funding for people in their own or care homes.
AIVuk members can give information to clients which enables them to understand and make use of information and services which can support them through the health and welfare system.
Understanding the Office of the Public Guardian and Court of Protection processes:
AIVuk members, most of whom are, or have been, Visitors for the Court of Protection, are uniquely placed to offer information on how to work with the OPG and the CoP.