The Services an AIVuk Member Can Provide To Solicitors

Deputyship Visits:
It is expected by the Office of the Public Guardian that clients will be visited by the Deputy once a year.  These visits can be delegated to AIVuk members, who are recognized as being qualified to carry them out and issue subsequent MCA compliant reports for submission to the OPG.
Attorney/Appointee Visits:
AIVuk members will undertake to visit and report on the general health and social welfare wellbeing of clients.
Part A Skills Certificates for Lasting Powers of Attorney:
The experience and expertise of AIVuk members enables them to talk through with donors the implications of LPAs, particularly the completion of Option A and Option B in those for Health & Welfare.
COP3 Completion:
AIVuk members are recognized by the Court of Protection as being able to complete forms COP3 for applications to the Court. They can also offer guidance on the correct application procedure.
Testamentary Capacity Assessments:
Using the principles of Banks v. Goodfellow, AIVuk members are skilled in the application of the case law to their questioning of clients to ascertain their testamentary capacity.
Best Interests Decisions:
Expertise in explaining and applying the principles of Best Interests enables AIVuk members not only to gather the evidence to reach a decision but to document the process in a way which is MCA compliant and able to be used as evidence to substantiate the decision.
Care Assessments:
AIVuk members are able to assess the care needs of individuals and to recommend packages to suit their needs.
Case Management:
AIVuk members can act as case managers, providing health and social welfare expertise in the day-to-day management of clients’ affairs, including making regular visits to individuals’ homes or care homes to ensure that all is as it should be.
Care Funding, including NHS Continuing Healthcare claims:
AIVuk members are able to identify sources of state funding and benefits to either pay for, or subsidise, residential or domiciliary care provision.
Referrals to local authority Adult and Childrens Services:
AIVuk members have access to professional referral routes for clients who are eligible for assessment under the Care Act 2014.